Reviews needed and appreciated! Feedback valued!

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…….Reaper I: The Beginning has moved about 11000 free copies on Amazon and Reaper II: Neophyte has moved about 9400.

I am thrilled, amazed and humbled by the reader response!

Reaper: The Beginning currently sits at #1 position on Free->Occult listing! #76 overall for Free

Reaper II: Neophyte is sitting at — TAH DAH!!!! —- #2 position on for Free->Occult!!!! #88 overall for Free

Thank you thank you THANK YOU everyone who helped to make this possible!

One small request?

If you have read what you downloaded, please log in to your Amazon account and leave a review — whether “good” “bad” “positive” or “negative” — your feedback can/will only make me a better author in the long run, will likely serve to improve the quality of the novels/novellas I release and also serve to tell me what my readers love/hate most about my ideas and writing style.

It’s one of the ways i get to hear back!

So far, some of the themes reviewers are leaving are:

– stories are too short

– plot is great

– characters are believeable/likeable

-too much vulgar language

– not sure if target audience is teenagers or adults

– authentic thriller

– too much detail in description of flowers

And assorted other things.

Suffice to say, I am reading all reviews and carefully taking each one into consideration as I plod forth.

Once I finish releasing Reaper 1 – 5 as single titles, I am going to release Reaper 1 – 5 as a compilation at a discounted price, to try to alleviate some of the readers’ frustration with the novel length.  I will also work on making the series pieces longer, as this seems to be a frequent concern. However, for Reaper 1, 2 & 3 in particular, there is method to my madness — I wanted them to be DISTINCTLY seperate from the rest of the series…..I will try to adapt Reapers 4 & on to be longer. The thing is, where I see a naturally occuring break in the storyline, that is where I intend to seperate the tales….

I can’t please everyone, but if you leave me your reviews, I will try to make appropriate changes to my system of delivery….though not to my vision or my characters whims, such as they are.

Thank you so much for your continued interest in my projects!

Sincere regards and happy reading!

Amanda M. Holt

Amateur Authoress, Self-Proclaimed Work In Progress and Fairly Cooperative Human Being



  1. Erebus Horror said,

    Congratulations on your success!

    I have just acquired a copy of Reaper I: The Beginning. I’ve just had a quick scan and from what I’ve read so far it does seem very promising.

    We’ve got a few reviews that still need to be posted, but once they’re out of the way I’ll be more than happy to post a review on our blog for you!

    I will of course post a similar review on Amazon as well – Being a writer myself I know how valuable publicity is to an upcoming author.

    Keep up the good work – It would be very exciting to see a series published!

    • amandamholt said,

      Oh wow! Thank you, Phillip, for your kind words and even more kindly gesture!

      I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to not only download and read my work, but to write a review(s) for it as well!

      If you weren’t already aware, I have provided Reaper II: Neophyte as a free promotion for the next 2 days if you would like to add it to your Amazon collection.

      My hearfelt thanks, fellow writer!


      Amanda M. Holt

      p.s. – if I ever have any amount of fame/credibility attached to my name, maybe I can read something of yours and write a review in return as a way of showing my thanks?

      • Erebus Horror said,

        No problem Amanda, glad to help (although it’s Richard – Not Phillip! 🙂

        Here at Erebus Horror, we strive to help publicize the work of lesser known patrons of horror.

        I will definitely download your other book as this one is starting to get addictive!

        Thanks for your offer – I might hold you to that!

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