Reaper 4: Soul Talker

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Reaper 4: Soul Talker (Cover Art by Martine Jardin)

In Reaper 4: Soul Talker, the future of the Reaper is in the hands of two people: the unscrupulous Natalie Wyman (the clairvoyant youth who originally presented herself to Sam as an ally) and her lover, the police officer Neal Schroeder.

The result?

The Reaper ends up on the run from the law, seeking temporary sanctuary at her healer’s.

When an unlikely ally presents himself, offering his notable resources and uncanny talents, Samantha finds herself with a new friend who has potential to become something more. As the angel-human hybrid recovers from wounds suffered in the attack of the Shiro Tai, she grows stronger and more intent to get her life back on track.

But does she dare love again? Furthermore, with a calling such as hers – can she afford to let anyone get close to her?

Find out in this, book four of four currently in the Reaper Series (available now for download at ! Search for Amanda M. Holt under Authors).

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Reaper 3: Evil Among Us

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Reaper 3: Evil Among Us (Cover Art by Martine Jardin)

This third book in the Reaper Series, Reaper 3: Evil Among Us introduces a new villain to the Reaper’s world: her name is Lust, and she exudes a mind-controlling pheremone that places Samantha under her complete control for an evening of Sapphic pleasures. The morning brings with it the terrible truth and the burden of guilt. Samantha has always been bi curious, but she has just cheated on Neal with a stranger – a female stranger! Uncertain of whether or not she was forced into the encounter, or if she truly wanted Lust’s affections, Samantha struggles with feelings of guilt and unworthiness at Neal’s phone call: here’s yet another terrible secret that she must keep from him, if their relationship has any hope of lasting.

A new ally – or is it, enemy? – reveals herself in the form of a young girl – Natalie – who, though blind in one eye, has visions of the future. A dark future full of danger for the Reaper. The girl pleads with Samantha to welcome her as an ally. Does Samantha dare accept the girl’s help? Something about the young girl really rubs Samantha the wrong way…

After a massacre at a church brings Samantha perilously close to being apprehended by the authorities, she must use Neal as an alibi. Lying to her cop lover – yet again – is risky business. Off the hook, she evades suspicion once more, though just barely.

Fighting demons of the Hell dimension as surely as she fights the demons of her mind, Samantha goes toe to toe with opponents against whom she is helpless. They are the Shiro Tai, Japanese warriors whose holy fire burns through the black second-skin of her exoskeleton leaving her wounded and exposed.

Worse yet, Natalie has caught the entire thing on video!

Samantha runs to her healer for help, only to hear that Angela cannot heal these wounds. How is she going to explain these injuries to Neal and to her partner on the force? Furthermore, if Natalie goes to the media with her recording, her life – as she knows it – is over!

What does the future hold for a woman who’s on the verge of losing EVERYTHING?

Find out in this, the third of four books (currently) in the Reaper Series (available for download now from ! Search for Amanda M. Holt under Authors)

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Reaper 2: Villains and Allies

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Reaper 2: Villains and Allies (Cover Art by Martine Jardin)

In the sequel to Reaper: The Beginning, Reaper 2: Villains and Allies further reveals the mystery behind the origin of Samantha Bennet’s supernatural abilities and the challenges that she faces in balancing her duties as a police officer with her actions as a vigilante. As the Reaper (as Heaven’s judge, jury and executioner) she leads a life of solitude with few allies and countless enemies.

Samantha discovers a new vulnerability after a militant sect of a zealous religious order attacks and wounds her. She must turn to her only source of help, Angela, a white witch and healer whose own mysterious history traces back to the birth of the Pyramids.

With a telltale scar marking where the Hunters’ weapon dealt its fateful blow, Sam fears that her boyfriend – and fellow officer of the law, Neal – will take note of it and become suspicious that things are not as they seem.

When villains of both the human and supernatural variety make it difficult for Samantha to lead her double life, she deals with them the only way she knows how: with gratuitous violence!

How far will she go the enact Heaven’s brand of justice?

Find out in this, the second of four books (currently) in the Reaper Series (available for download at – search for Amanda M. Holt under Authors).

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Reaper: The Beginning

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Reaper: The Beginning (Artwork by Martine Jardin)

Reaper: The Beginning is the first novel in my Reaper Series of books, following the initial manifestation of Samantha Bennet’s paranormal nature during an attack on her young self. As her black exoskeleton appears for the first time sporting razor sharp claws, one can see that it’s a terrible way for a teenager to find out that she’s different from everyone else. The vengeance she exacts on on her attackers is swift and ruthless and in the aftermath she is left wondering where this strange and lethal “second skin” has come from.

As an adult, Samantha burns the candle at both ends fighting crime: as a vigilante in the dark of night and as a rookie police officer paired up with Phil, an experienced cop who becomes a father figure as well as a dear friend. She finds lust – and possibly love – in the arms of a co-worker, Neal, who brings her to heights of ecstasy she has never before known. Yet as Neal tries to foster a closeness between them, Samantha pulls away and feels more alone than ever before. She knows that her dark secret must never be revealed, not to her lover (who as an officer of the law might be more inclined to attempt to arrest her than to applaud her actions), not to anyone she cares about!

An Eastern mystic is privy to the truth about the origin of Samantha’s power. His revelation is shocking and hard to believe. The biological father Sam never knew was a notorious Fallen Angel, making her a Nephalim, the offspring of her mother’s human womb and Azkaziel’s angelic seed.

With villains both human and supernatural coming out of the woodwork and her lover becoming suspicious of her late-night outings, does Samantha have a snowball’s hope in Hell of surviving what Fate has dealt her?

Find out in this, the first book of four (so far) in the Reaper Series, on sale now at (see Amanda M. Holt under the Author Search).

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To submit or not to submit, that is the question…

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To submit or not to submit, that is the question…
…no, I’m not talking about BDSM kink culture people, I am talking about the short interracial futuristic fantasy erotica piece that I have written about a tribal huntress in a jungle setting in a post-apocalyptic Earth era.

The novella follows the thoughts and actions of Ana – warrior, hunter, sister, daughter, friend, lover – as she encounters a golden haired stranger, the likes of which she has never seen before. Unknown to Ana, this stranger is a fertility scientist who sees her as a prime specimen for his work – a specimen he intends to collect.

My dilemma is this: should I submit it to New Concepts Publishing ( as a short story as it exists in its current length of 11,000 words, or should I continue writing this piece and not submit it until it is a more impressive 70,000 or 80,000 words? NCP has a Harmony line of eBooks specifically addressing interracial/multiracial romance and erotica.

I am trying to get the hang of writing shorter pieces (and writing them well) and would like to leave this novella as is to stand on its own merits with its current “What if-?” ending, making the reader wonder what will become of Ana as they learn of the predicament she is now in.

HOWEVER, the story would pack quite a punch if I were to develop it into a much longer work.

Perhaps a series is in order? A series of novellas that could be published as a collection down the line, if it was deemed of value to a/my/some publisher?

These are the sorts of decisions that have to be made along the way, as one decides how and when to end a story. Furthermore, how and when to continue it.

I am leaning toward shipping it off to NCP without any more deliberation…

…but if anyone out there in Internet-land has any opinion as to what an amateur authoress should do with what she considers to be a gem of a multiracial/interracial lust story, then comment away!

Until next time,

Sincere regards,

Amanda M. Holt
(Sometimes Authoress and Sometimes Decisive…Sometimes)

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Literary blunders and other nonsense…

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…I recieved an email from my Devine Destinies editor Janet S telling me that the manuscript for my fantasy romance “Tomorrow, Part One” – while enjoyable – had some obvious flaws that are in need of adjustment. Some of the more amusing ones?

– I used the word “dark” to describe the hero’s eye color (and/or other physical features) 54 times in a 74 page document. Yes, that is a little excessive.

– In a typical rookie authoress move, I used modern phrases such as “wow” and “no way!” in a story set in medeival times (in an alternate Earth reality, but still, not with slang circa 2005).

– Quoting Janet here: “Was it a historical, fantasy, or a historical fantasy? If historical, they would have been condemned for their use of magic”. Yeah, so this story is intended to be a historical fantasy but not within the rigid boundaries of a well-researched historical novel, complete with dates, times, locations and historic events. I figured that writing it as taking place in a fantasy setting on an alternate Earth reality would save me the effort of having to invest a lot of research in this story… Since changing “Tomorrow” at this point would ruin the spirit and playful voice of the fantasy tale, I will leave the theme/genre as is, but as you can see, here is an easy mistake for a rookie to make: non-clarity of genre elements.

So now I have to go through my manuscript and see how many “dark mysterious eyes” or “dark hair” comments I can take out of the story without having the reader lose track of what my hero looks like.

Wish me luck, as I am still riding the literary learning curve…

…sincerest regards…

Amanda M. Holt

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Editing a BDSM tale for eXtasy Books…while I still can!

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….one of my editors at eXtasy, the enormously talented Tex, has sent me his edit of my short collection of five BDSM erotica stories appropriately titled “Tales From the Owner-Operator of the Boulevard Motor Hotel”.  The pace here at school has not yet picked up to regular cruising speed so while I still have time to kill between classes and my other commitments, I intend to pour some heart and soul into polishing the black pleather six inch heel that is “Tales From the Owner-Operator of the Boulevard Motor Hotel”…if I have my way, I will make her shine! 

With Tex’s assistance (did I mention he’s a very talented editor who enjoys editing BDSM?) this eBook should have a nice little sting to it!

So without further ado, I bid you adieu, that I might get to work on that manuscript in its current lack luster state and begin spit-polishing her with ample elbow-grease into something worthy of your read.

Humbly yours,

Amanda M. Holt

(Authoress and Sometimes Sexual Deviant)

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Paranormal Vampire Erotica due out March 3rd from NCP, also…

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There are two things I’d like to briefly touch on today.

Item A: My publisher, NCP (  is slated to release my paranormal vampire erotica “In His Thrall” on March 3rd.  This novella, like a few of the others that I have written for them, is rated CARNAL, so consider yourself fair warned 🙂

Item B: One of my editors from my other publisher (Extasy Books) somehow got the erroneous impression that I have Book 5 of my Reaper Series ready for her to edit.  I’m not sure how or why my editor came to this conclusion, but for any Reaper fans who might be wondering when the next installment of the Reaper Series will be out, I’m afraid I only have this to offer: it’s coming, just not any time soon.

You see, I am in the second semester of my fourth year of my Bachelor of Nursing program, which is turning out to be a little more time-consuming than I had originally thought.  I don’t have the time or energy to commit to finishing a project like Reaper 5 by a certain deadline, I’m sorry to say.  Not right now.  I will have time, here and there, to do creative writing — I always find time for that — but it’s a matter of a few thousand words every so often on assorted projects, not a matter of pouring 80,000 – 100,000 words into a single project with that as the focus of your efforts!  My Reaper Series is dear to my heart and takes a certain mind set to write (blood and sex and violence…a Nephalim [angel-human hybrid for those of you who didn’t know] doing Heaven’s dirty work, yes you have to be on a certain wavelength to write THAT kind of stuff).  I am not of (or in) that mind set at the current time.

So there you have it!  Two new developments in my colorful little world!

Sincere regards,

Amanda M. Holt

p.s. – I can’t wait until the Red Cross sets up a donation system here in Canada like the one in the US.  For those of you who didn’t already know, in the USA you can donate $10 to the Red Cross to go directly to the aid of the Haitian people by texting HAITI to 90999.

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New erotica title expected to be released February 3rd!!!

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Hello readers!

Tonight I ventured on over the New Concepts Publishing’s website to see if they have worked out any release dates for the two erotica novellas I have contracted with them.  To my delight I saw that “An Unusual Encounter of the Rock Star Kind” has been slated for release February 3rd, if their upcoming release website is anything to go by.

Their website at is under construction at the moment – furthermore, they have been wrong before when it comes to the exact release date for a novel, but I am nevertheless excited to see another one of my tales in print!

Additionally, I am really excited to see what kind of cover artwork they have come up with!  NCP has these two really talented cover artists who work for them, Eliza Black (who did the cover for my vampire erotica “Of Crimson Blood and Ivory Skin”) and Alex DeShanks (who did the covers for my stories “Guarding Miranda” and I believe the cover for my werewolf erotica “Blood Song: The Captive”).

If my luck is holding, one of those talents has done (or is doing) the cover.

Now I have a full school day planned for tomorrow (I’m a Fourth-Year Bachelor of Nursing student in the real world), so I’d best be off to bed.

Thanks for reading!

Sincere regards,

Amanda M. Holt

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Hello readers!

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Welcome to my first blog entry! 

This blog will serve as a historian for my progress as an author from January 14, 2010 on.  I intend to use this blog to highlight my accomplishments and setbacks as I venture further up (or is it all down now?) the learning curve of the publishing world.  I will also use this blog to document the progress on novels that I am developing, as well as other projects as they arise.

As things stand, I suppose I can be considered a published author – even though my manuscripts haven’t made it into the hands of any of those New York giants.  As of today, my eBooks are available for download from New Concepts Publishing ( and eXtasy Books ( 

These eBooks are as follows:

New Concepts Publishing

Of Crimson Blood And Ivory Skin (Paranormal Vampire Menage Erotica)

Blood Song: The Captive (Paranormal Werewolf Erotica)

Guarding Miranda (Contemporary Romance)

Extasy Books

Reaper: The Beginning (Paranormal/Horror Erotica)

Reaper 2: Villains and Allies (Paranormal/Horror Erotica)

Reaper 3: Evil Among Us (Paranormal/Horror Erotica)

Reaper 4: Soultalker (Paranormal/Horror Erotica)

Two Weeks (Contemporary Romantic Erotica with a touch of BDSM)

The L-Word (Contemporary Romantic Erotica with a touch of BDSM)

As future titles are published, I will make a note of it on this blog, as well as my own author website at .

So what’s on my laptop’s desktop at the moment? 

 …the edit that I just recently completed for “Tomorrow: Part One” (a fantasy romance piece that is more sensual than erotic and is slated to be published by eXtasy’s mainstream imprint Devine Destinies in February). 

…the first chapter of “The Distinguishing Women’s Cookbook”, a paranormal romance that I’m very excited about (polished off 4,200 words last night).

…the first draft of my horror short titled “Baba Hryscenko’s Special Borscht”.

…the first seventy-some odd pages of a fantasy story titled “Slayer of the Goblin King” (cheesy, I know – but that’s what it’s about!).

…the first 10,000 words of “Ana: The Captive” (working title) about a tribal warrior in a post-apocalyptic world. 

…the first two chapters of the contemporary erotica romp titled “Getting Lucky” (I may have to change the title for this, it occurs to me that there might be more than a few “Getting Lucky” titles out there).

…assorted other odds and ends.  I’ll pick up right where I left off writing them when the mood strikes me.

So I think that about does it for my first blog entry.  I’ll poke my nose around the Blog Universe and see what blogging is actually supposed to entail. 

Hopefully, I’ll have more (or less?) to offer for word count next time.

Stay tuned for more! (I can guarantee you this much.  When it comes to me and writing, there’s always bound to be more!)

Sincere regards,

Amanda M. Holt

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