Interview with Rose of Romance at Heart Reviews, “In His Thrall”

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………………the kindly Rose of Romance at Heart has interviewed me for her romantic reviews website!

She asked some really intriguing questions, some of which I answered as tactfully and honestly as possible…others, well, you decide!

To view the interview, visit

Thanks for dropping by!

Amanda M. Holt

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“Tomorrow” sensual fantasy romance novel reviewed yesterday by Long and Short Reviews

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Cover Art by Angela Waters

Fern at Long and Short reviews reviewed my romacne novel and gave it “Four Books”. To see her review, visit, or simply read below!

Tomorrow by Amanda M. Holt
Publisher: Devine Destinies (
Genre: Historical, Paranormal, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Full (188 pages)
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 4 Books
Reviewed by Fern

To the wizard, Sebastian Cole, it was a simple plan: steal his true love away to a world where they could be alone, together, to realize that love. There was one underlying condition: the enchantment would end only when she professed love for him.

To Alanna, proud daughter of Lord Fowler, it was a fool’s plan. No matter what her attraction to the mysterious and gifted Sebastian Cole, she would never love him—never! Certainly not under duress…or would she?

With patience, and persistence, Sebastian shows Alanna many of the wonders of his magical world—from the fantasy creatures living among them, to the delight of his touch, the passion of his kiss… Alanna’s interest in the wizard grows, but to what end? Will her true love set them free?

What would you do to secure the love of the woman you cannot live without? For Sebastian Cole, the answer is as simple as listening to the wish of his beloved. Alanna Fowler declares the only way she could possibly love Sebastian is if they were the last man and woman on earth, which is something he obliges with a spell that can only sever when she professes her love and marries him.

What happens next is a game of seduction and denial, during which Alanna vows not to cave into Sebastian’s magical charms. But is she wrong? Are the feelings she’s experiencing the result of a spell? Or is she really and truly falling for the handsome wizard who makes her heart melt and ignites a fire in her soul?

Tomorrow is a story that is written in a lyrical voice, situated in a world where fairies and magic exist. The tone is light and whimsical until the conclusion, which is fantastic for a story in this genre. My complaint isn’t in the world building, but rather, resides in Alanna’s unwavering determination to keep Sebastian at an arm’s length through the first half of the story. Unmarried until she finds love, she confesses at the beginning to longing for only one man – Sebastian – who she made a fool of herself in front of after she drunkenly threw herself at him during a party. I found it odd that she would fight against what she’s always wanted (how can you love if you refuse to consider it?) when he offers it to her on an enchanted platter. Aside from this, however, I was captivated and couldn’t stop reading from beginning to end. When Sebastian wears down Alanna’s defenses, the chemistry sizzles.

The writing style is unique, as is the voice. Amanda M. Holt creates characters that you can’t forget and places them in surroundings that are both vivid and lush. There is so much here, both fantastical and extraordinary, that a reader is bound to enjoy.

Fans of fantasy romances should be sure to put Tomorrow on their TBR list. As the story is left with a cliffhanger, I’ll be eagerly awaiting the next story in the series.

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“In His Thrall”, paranormal/vampire erotica reviewed by Romance at Heart reviews!

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Cover art for In His Thrall by Alex DeShanks

Rose of Romance at Heart Reviews wrote a lovely review for “In His Thrall” my vampire/paranormal romance yesterday! To read her review, visit or read below!

Title: In His Thrall
Author: Amanda M. Holt

Published in March 2010 by New Concepts Publishing
Genre: Paranormal/Vampire

Other Books by Amanda: An Unusual Encounter of the Rock Star Kind,
Of Crimson Blood and Ivory Skin, Guarding Miranda, The Captive

Sherisse Fairchild was anxious to get to the dinner party being held at the Manhattan penthouse of Sergei Ivanovich, the Russian Vampire Prince. She had plans for him, and she hoped he would fall into them. She remembered the last time they were together, and longed to be the object of his affections again. She was not prepared for what the future would bring her this night, so she blythely went forward with her plans, dressing to catch Sergei’s attention, and hoping she would be spending some quality time with him as she planned. Getting there, she does catch his eye, but she also catches the eye of a mind demon named Carlos Garcia Ramirez. The innocent contact of a handshake knocks Sherisse on her back, and had all attention on her, including the ancient mystic named Marcus. The outcome is definitely not something she has planned for, and although it truly ticks Sergei off, she can’t help but wonder if it is not the Fates at work

The woman in the blood-red dress has Carlos Garcia Ramires’ full attention, and his body is suddenly hammering at him like never before. A half-blood demon, he has never really explored all his talents and powers, but he is truly psychic and drawn to the woman. Having a nasty ghost haunting him doesn’t help, and yet the spite of the apparition can’t dampen his attraction to her. He is not expecting the shock of her hand meeting his, and is totally shocked at the actual sparks of current that fly between them. He is also surprised to learn he has bonded with her, and as the drama unfolds, he realizes this could be a permant condition, and if so, it is not one he would mind a whole lot. He also knows he doesn’t want her as a slave, but he does want her badly, in his life, in his heart, and definitely in his bed. If that will work out, he will be more than a happy man, he will truly have achieved a state of bliss. Maybe dreams do come true for some, but he is not quite certain where it will lead him tonight.

A posh party of the Old Cabal is the setting of In His Thrall. The characters are not really expecting anything but the excitement usually availabel at one of Prince Sergei’s parties, but for two of the guests, it will turn out to be something more. It is usually the vampire who enthralls his or her prey, but this time, in an unpresidented accident, Sherisse finds herself bonded to a half-breed human/mind demon, and that throws all her carefully laid plans out the window. Carlos is totally floored that he has this power, and where they go from here is something only the reader will know. This story is strange, delightful, well written, and a real twist on the standard vampire tale. Amanda M. Holt takes the reader on a wild ride, and where it stops, no one really knows. For readers who enjoy a good “fang tale,” this short is a quick, easy, and most satisfying read, and one I heartily recommend. In His Thrall is available now at New Concepts Publishing, and well worth the price in my opinion. Check it out for yourself and I don’t think you will be disappointed.

Yours in good reading,

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New 5-Tale M/F F/F BDSM Erotica Release from eXtasy Books!

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Tales From the Owner-Operator of the Boulevard Motor Hotel by Amanda M. Holt

…………..March 15th, eXtasy Books released my newest eBook, the 5-tale naughty novella titled “Tales From the Owner-Operator of the Boulevard Motor Hotel”.

This little novel (whose spice level builds tale by tale, chapter by chapter) is not for the faint of heart – especially not the final two tales featuring the heroine of the story and her victim (or is it, master?) the Bar Manager Louis!


“Brazen. Bold. Wanton. Hedonistic. Kayla North is all of these things, and more—much more. The sexy young owner of the Boulevard Motor Hotel takes advantage of her position to lure men and women alike. She discovers the pleasures of a customer, a new bartender, and her dependable bar manager in these, the first five Tales in the series.

Kayla’s brand of sex is no ordinary romp into the erotic—an encounter with her proves to be a walk on the wild side! From her bondage and domination of others to her own submission and ultimate humiliation, Kayla’s every desire is sure to be satisfied. And she expects nothing less…”

Whether you enjoy your fetish a little on the lighter side, sweetened with a little fem-fem spanking, or as an all out buffet of humiliation and the ultimate satisfaction, then Tales From the Owner-Operator of the Boulevard Motor Hotel might be the read for you!

As always, enjoy!

Sincere regards,

Amanda M. Holt

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To submit or not to submit – that is the question PART DEUX

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…………..There’s one little difference between a contracted work with Ellora’s Cave and that of other eBook publishers I have seen. At EC they appear to require a contract binding your project for the lifetime of the work. I assume that THAT is different from lifetime of the contract. Perhaps I misunderstand?

I would really like to send them my tale, BOUND: A POST-APOCALYPTIC LUST STORY (the title I decided on after much deliberation, for the tale of my jungle huntress Ana, and her first interracial adventure).

I am in the process of writing a shiny new synopsis for Ellora’s Cave to try and win their approval/capture and hold their attention…

…given that I have NO intention of having Ana’s interracial erotica/BDSM tale end after the first encounter with her hero, if EC is interested in publishing her, I will have to find a way to ensure that her background story as a fictional character is fair game in the next installment…

…Now is Ellora’s Cave going to be interested in my dear sweet Ana and her adventures in her jungle home? I am really looking forward to hearing their opinion on thist project…

Time will tell, I suppose.

Stay tuned for more on that.

I will be submitting BOUND to them this week.

Sincere regards,

Amanda M. Holt

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…………………..the membership fees for Romance Writers of America ($120 USD) are more than I expected, and as a student – and amateur authoress – at this time I do not feel that it is sensible for me to join this particular guild (if they would have me). Considering the $$$ I’ve spent on my website (which needs a great deal of improving) and other costs, if I subscribe to the RWA right now that’s approximately $160 less than I will have to spend on my sister’s wedding and my birthday this summer 🙂

So the RWA membership can wait until I am earning better $$$ in my chosen profession — that or make a bit of a profit from my current titles. It’s a matter of networking on a student budget 🙂 .

Thank goodness for the free blog at wordpress! (intentional plug)

But before you decide that I’m blogging “Blah Blah Blah Poor broke lil ol’ me” be assured that I am using logic – not self pity – to arrive at this conclusion.

So, Romance Writers of America – I will proposition you later!

Sincere regards,

Amanda M. Holt

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Next stop: will the Romance Writers of America have me?

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Next stop: will the Romance Writers of America have me?

I am going to mosey (mosy?) on over to their website to see what membership entails — and associated costs (I am on a student budget, perhaps they have a student rate? NOTE: Manitoba Writers’ Guild student membership was half the cost of the regular membership, $25 CANADIAN instead of $50!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 )

Perhaps there is a Romance Writers of Canada?

I must investigate this matter further!

On behalf of emerging, amateur authoresses everywhere!

Sincere regards,


Emerging, amateur authoress

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lol Okay seriously, how long was it going to take me to notice? lol

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……………… aspiring youngish authoresses such as myself can NOW pay for their Manitoba Writer’s Guild memberships using their PayPal account. I’ve wanted to join the MWG for a while but always used the excuse of “I don’t have a credit card”. Now I go to their website and see that they have a PayPal option — in fact, it seems to be the preferred option!

Silly, silly, silly me.

And here, I considered myself a child of the technological age!

I guess that makes me something of a fumbling child in the digital age…or some other fitting analogy.

Suffice to say, I am now a proud and paid-up member of the Manitoba Writers’ Guild.

Now I get to investigate all the benefits of membership….I will endorse the MWG further as opportunity and appropriateness allow.

Sincere regards,


The Sometimes Knowledgeable Amateur Authoress

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“In His Thrall” new Carnal Paranormal Vampire Erotica eBook released today at NCP!

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Cover art for In His Thrall by Alex DeShanks

This is a very hectic time for me right now, school wise, as I race to the finish to complete my Bachelor of Nursing program — but not SO busy that I would forget to post about my new release at New Concepts Publishing

This week, they have posted my carnal paranormal vampire erotica, “In His Thrall”, featuring the masterless (or perhaps not so masterless) vampire Sherisse and the half-demon mind reader who possesses her with a single touch.

The book blurb reads: “At a party thrown by one of her ongoing romantic entanglements, a chance encounter with a half-demon has unexpected results for Sherisse. Fascinated by the beauty of the vampire before him, Carlos cannot entirely contain his interest in Sherrise – he accidentally possesses her when they touch and their minds become inexplicably linked. Sherisse hasn’t had a Master in nearly a century – and she refuses to be bound to anyone for any reason! Fate, however, has something else in store for her…

As the night goes on and her situation becomes more concrete, Sherisse can’t deny her attraction to Carlos and the promise of hot-blooded passion within him. Whatever are they going to do about the animal attraction between them? Especially now that they are privy to each others’ innermost thoughts and desires?

Furthermore, when will the possession wear off?”

If you enjoy your blood suckers drop dead sexy and your half-demons hot enough to melt your hard drive, then this may be a tale for you!

This story is a little graphic in places, so buyers beware!

I genuinely hope that you enjoy the naughty little erotica adventure that I’ve written for you!

Sincere regards and happy reading,

Amanda M. Holt

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Delay in release of “In His Thrall” Paranormal Romance

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In His Thrall (Cover Art Still Unavailable)

In His Thrall (Cover Art Still Unavailable)

Hello, readers!

According to their website at , my eBook publisher New Concepts Publishing is experiencing a delay in their releases this week due to “a death in the family”.

Accordingly, the release of my paranormal romance/erotica “In His Thrall” has been postponed.

I will be sure to post when it is released.

In the meanwhile, my heartfelt condolences to the NCP family and their loved ones……

Sincere regards,

Amanda M. Holt

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