A lil about lil ol’ me…publication

To date i have had the following works published:

eXtasy Books:

08/06/01 Two Weeks (Contemporary Erotica novella)
09/01/15 Reaper: The Beginning (Paranormal novel with Erotica elements)
09/03/15 Reaper: Villains and Allies (Paranormal novel with Erotica elements)
09/05/01 L-Word (Contemporary Erotica novella)
09/05/15 Reaper: Evil Among Us (Paranormal novel with Erotica elements)
09/07/15 Reaper: Soultalker (Paranormal novel with Erotica elements)
10/03/15 Tales From The Owner-Operator of the Boulevard Motor Hotel (BDSM novella)
11/01/15 My Experimental Years (Contemporary Erotica)

Devine Destinies (Imprint of eXtasy Books):

10/02/15 Tomorrow, Part One (Fantasy Sensual Romance)

New Concepts Publishing:

2010 – Blood Song: The Captive (Paranormal novella with Erotica elements)
2010 – Guarding Miranda (Contemporary Romance)
2010 – Of Crimson Blood and Ivory Skin (Paranormal novella with Erotica elements)
2010 – A Close Encounter of the Rock Star Kind (Fantasy Contemporary Erotica novella)
2011 – In His Thrall (Paranormal novella with Erotica elements)
2011 – Bound: A Post-Apocalyptic Lust Story (Interracial Erotica)

So in total, 15 to date (11/11/16 at the time of writing this).

Not bad for a three year period!

Intending to self-publish very very soon at Smashwords.com and Kindle Direct Publishing.

Wish me luck!

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