Reaper as an audiobook???

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I have to ask…

…would it be a wise move to create audiobook versions of my Reaper Series and  Shades of Grey Series?


Very tempting.

Especially since my boyfriend is an audio whiz…..

Any feedback would be appreciated!

*Reaper VIII and Shades of Grey IV in progress, approx. 75% done!*

Sincere regards & happy reading,

Amanda M. Holt




  1. Judi said,

    Once they are complete,sure. But I don’t see them being popular in small the spurts the the ebooks are presently.

  2. Aloushin said,

    Why is there no content on your website?

    • amandamholt said,

      Aww poop. I forgot – the domain name has expired. I will get it back up and running when it is financially feasible.

      Thank you for the notification!

      & Thank you for your interest in my work!


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