Getting Lucky I (interracial erotica) New release at for kindle

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Photograph Jimmy Thomas

Getting Lucky I: Pedro & Eddie (Interracial Erotica)
When Katherine is nagged by her friend to buy a lottery ticket, she doesn’t expect that anything will come of it.
The curvy artist’s immediate thoughts are that her sensible ancestors would roll over in their graves at news of her folly and that she would have been better off using the five dollar bill to wipe her butt than to spend it on something as foolhardy as a lotto…
The five dollars turns out to be quite the investment: she wins the New York Tax Free Mega Millions Lottery in excess of $130 Million!
It seems as though life will never be the same!
Shortly after she claims her winnings, Pedro, the lotto authority’s sexy Hispanic makeup artist, shows up to polish her looks for the press conference.
Pedro is as gorgeous and well-hung as he is horny…and he has propositioned her on the spot.
It would appear that her good luck is holding!
A few days later, at a party celebrating her big win, she is propositioned by her chocolate skinned lover from college.
A friend with benefits, Eddie has felt neglected for some time now…and he has no intention of taking “no” for an answer!
Getting Lucky I is Volume I in a series following the adventures of Katherine, the instant millionairress who enjoys men, women and pleasures that span entire continents.


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