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Welcome to my first blog entry! 

This blog will serve as a historian for my progress as an author from January 14, 2010 on.  I intend to use this blog to highlight my accomplishments and setbacks as I venture further up (or is it all down now?) the learning curve of the publishing world.  I will also use this blog to document the progress on novels that I am developing, as well as other projects as they arise.

As things stand, I suppose I can be considered a published author – even though my manuscripts haven’t made it into the hands of any of those New York giants.  As of today, my eBooks are available for download from New Concepts Publishing (www.newconceptspublishing.com) and eXtasy Books (www.extasybooks.com). 

These eBooks are as follows:

New Concepts Publishing

Of Crimson Blood And Ivory Skin (Paranormal Vampire Menage Erotica)

Blood Song: The Captive (Paranormal Werewolf Erotica)

Guarding Miranda (Contemporary Romance)

Extasy Books

Reaper: The Beginning (Paranormal/Horror Erotica)

Reaper 2: Villains and Allies (Paranormal/Horror Erotica)

Reaper 3: Evil Among Us (Paranormal/Horror Erotica)

Reaper 4: Soultalker (Paranormal/Horror Erotica)

Two Weeks (Contemporary Romantic Erotica with a touch of BDSM)

The L-Word (Contemporary Romantic Erotica with a touch of BDSM)

As future titles are published, I will make a note of it on this blog, as well as my own author website at www.amandamholt.com .

So what’s on my laptop’s desktop at the moment? 

 …the edit that I just recently completed for “Tomorrow: Part One” (a fantasy romance piece that is more sensual than erotic and is slated to be published by eXtasy’s mainstream imprint Devine Destinies in February). 

…the first chapter of “The Distinguishing Women’s Cookbook”, a paranormal romance that I’m very excited about (polished off 4,200 words last night).

…the first draft of my horror short titled “Baba Hryscenko’s Special Borscht”.

…the first seventy-some odd pages of a fantasy story titled “Slayer of the Goblin King” (cheesy, I know – but that’s what it’s about!).

…the first 10,000 words of “Ana: The Captive” (working title) about a tribal warrior in a post-apocalyptic world. 

…the first two chapters of the contemporary erotica romp titled “Getting Lucky” (I may have to change the title for this, it occurs to me that there might be more than a few “Getting Lucky” titles out there).

…assorted other odds and ends.  I’ll pick up right where I left off writing them when the mood strikes me.

So I think that about does it for my first blog entry.  I’ll poke my nose around the Blog Universe and see what blogging is actually supposed to entail. 

Hopefully, I’ll have more (or less?) to offer for word count next time.

Stay tuned for more! (I can guarantee you this much.  When it comes to me and writing, there’s always bound to be more!)

Sincere regards,

Amanda M. Holt


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