Putting the polish on Shades of Grey III: See No Evil

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……I’m gonna keep this briefer than usual. (Is briefer a word? lol Perhaps “more brief than usual” is more fitting).

ATM (at the moment) I am putting the finishing touches on Shades of Grey III: See No Evil.

This is following a jam-packed day of actually finishing the book, paying bills, house work, supping with an old pal, having a nap (still a lil backwards from night shifts lol) and brewing some fresh java.

Gonna stay in night shift mode since I go back to them tomorrow night @ 2230.

Anyway: you will be able to find Shades of Grey III: See No Evil on Smashwords and Amazon within the next 24 – 36 hours!

Sincere regards and happy reading!

Amanda M. Holt

Amateur Authoress, Neophyte Editor (Sorry ‘Bout That) and (mostly) Night Shift Nurse


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Shades of Grey: Hear No Evil Kindle eBook available now!

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Shades of Grey: Hear No Evil Kindle eBook available now!

Book Two in the Shades of Grey Series

When Crystal Grey, a teenager with dark secrets, disappears from her Vancouver home, her family is tormented by questions:

Where has Crystal gone?
Why hasn’t she returned?
Who is she with?
What is she doing?
Why did she leave?
When is she coming back?

Involved in the drug trade and running with a fast crowd, Crystal is now being exploited by some very sinister people – facts that the Vancouver Police Department are reluctant to reveal to her family.

Her sister, Eve, refuses to sit idly by and watch her sister become some kind of statistic. However, the strain of the situation is taking its toll…

You see, Eve has a few dark secrets of her own.

Secrets from the past, secrets born of madness and violence that whisper seductively to Eve in waking and in dream, calling her to action, calling her to punish the people who have hurt her baby sister, who are using her for their own criminal gain.

These nightmarish voices, thought to have been silenced by a team of mental health professionals years before, seem as though they are back and more vicious than ever before.

Will Eve give in to their siren song and take justice into her own hands? Even if it’s at the cost of her very sanity?

This anger inside of her is so wrathful, so unnatural, so all-consuming, so…hungry.

Sometimes, she just doesn’t feel like herself…

….sometimes, it’s as if she doesn’t feel human at all…

Look for Book Three ~ Shades of Grey: See No Evil in January/February of 2012

The Shades of Grey Series:

Shades of Grey: Prologue (November 2011)
Shades of Grey: Hear No Evil (December 2011)
Shades of Grey: See No Evil (January/February 2012)
Shades of Grey: Speak No Evil (February/March 2012)
Shades of Grey: Epilogue (March/April 2012)

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Important notice regarding pricing and charitable donation!!!

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Well…hopefully no one interested in buying the book will be too annoyed….

When Shades of Grey: Prologue comes out, it will retail for $2.99 USD at both Kindle (Amazon.com) and Smashwords.

Kindle apparently sets a minimum price for a book of that length ($2.99) that I couldn’t alter on the pricing page, and in all fairness to both Kindle and Smashwords, i can’t charge less at one place than the other…forgive me book lovers…I’m still learning how this all works.

distributes about 2000x the amount that Smashwords does, so yes – I am basically selling myself out to the better distributor, playing the publishing game by their rule sheet…

Thank you for your patience and understanding during my growing pains as a self-published author of adult fiction.

Sincere regards and Happy Reading!

Amanda M. Holt

Completely Apologetic, Surfer of the Learning Curve and Aspiring Household Horror Icon

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