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…..I’m trying my best to commit to writing at least 1k a day. That’s 1000 words of fiction, or roughly 2 pages of 500 words or 3 pages of 333.333 words 😉

And I seem to be doing fairly well keeping up with my goal.

Mind you, it’s only two days into my “New And Improved Writing Career”.

And I’ve written approximately 2.5k, as well as blogged, searched for and purchased cover art at ($90 for 6 licenses yesterday; $15 for one license today), went back to Staples for more supplies (I just could NOT resist a 30% off sale and caved in and decided to buy Microsoft Office 2010 instead of using Open Office [free software] — it was only $99 after my 30% sale discount….sadly, my gain is Staples loss [going out of business sale]…

And I know that some writers would consider it a form of “cheating”, but I also bought Dragon Naturally Speaking voice recognition software, in the hopes of boosting my productivity in the area of idea generation. Approx $225 taxes included after 30% discount :). Hopefully, it will be worth the $$$ cha ching $$$ I paid for it…If I don’t make use of it I am going to be super-pissed at myself!!! It came with a digital voice recorder that you can use to take dictation anywhere (i.e. breaks at work, where I intend to do a little dictation when i get story ideas or character ideas or what have you).

Cool thing about Dragon Naturally Speaking is it takes the dictation you made ont he recorder and TURNS IT INTO TYPED TEXT in a word document when you’re done. I’m assuming there will be TERRIBLE growing pains with punctuation and grammar and the like, but i’m not too concerned. Part of my self-discipline issue as a writer (the reason i procrastinate sometimes) is because sitting down and typing things out, or writing them out, especially when you’re skirting the edges of a possible writer’s block — this can seem like a huge thing to overcome or sit down and do. I seem to have the gift of gab, so with any luck, gabbing away at the voice recorder will help me get my ideas down and into typed text in a very efficient, time-saving, and well, smart way!

Dragon naturally speaking works well with a wireless Bluetooth enabled headset, so provided i don’t get a brain tumor, dictating around my apartment should be great!!! I’m really looking forward to using the software — i’m setting it up on my laptop after I wake up from night shift on Thursday. SO EXCITED!

Two more night shifts to go and I can spend some serious writing time, with a dash of exercise thrown in for good measure. The 25lbs I lost between New Years and now was a nice start, but i want to increase productivity in THAT area of my life as well. Maybe I should do a progress log and “Get It Done” chart for exercise, as well as for writing?

Actually, that’s not a TERRIBLE idea! It’s a neurotic idea, an OCD idea, but not a terrible one! Whatever will keep me on track (literally, I think the walking track will be a great way to increase cardio health and burn calories), whatever will work with minimal impact on my hedonistic ways and non-masochistic tendancies is just fine by me!

I will let you know how Dragon naturally Speaking works out for me.

It will either be the best thing since sliced bread, or the worst thing since rancid dairy. Either way: I’m being productive, learning something new about writing and about myself every day and making progress with polishing my skills as a writer!

Maybe if i commit to 1k of writing a day and 1k of walk-run-walk-run-walk-run a day, i will see great improvements all around? If I end up committing to the same for 2k a day, or even 3k a day of both — wow….imagine the stories i could write and then i might actually fit back into my size 10 plaid Le Chateau pants one day!!!

Anyway, that’s about it for now.

I have to eat and head in for a night shift.

For those of you who left comments: thank you for your kind words and encouragement! I appreciate it! For those of you who are fellow authors: what are you doing reading my Blog when you could be writing your masterpiece??? GET TO WORK!

Happy reading!

Sincere regards,

Amanda M. Holt
Anti-Procrastination Nazi-in-Training, Idea Machine (Sometimes on the Fritz) and Hungry RN

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Sadly, I haven’t worked on anything new (writing-wise) in a few weeks. I haven’t really worked on anything old either. Unless the ongoing cycle of editing counts! It doesn’t help that my desk had assorted clutter on it (cleared off now), that I was working additional shifts at work and that I left town for approximately a week to visit family and friends over the Thanksgiving holiday season (Canada). Thank God for my journalling (on Volume Seven at the moment), otherwise I may not have gotten any writing done at all!

You may or may not have noticed that this Blog has been untouched by yours truly for a while now, and is in TERRIBLE need of updating…

Snapshot of the last few months: left my job in Public Health for a far more gratifying job in Long Term Care, started dating again after a too-long hiatus, switched apartments – love the new one!, friend who knows me best moved back to Canada, looking forward to a trip to China in the spring (thank YOU Chamber of Commerce), ended intimate relationship with “M” to whom I can credit a lot of inspiration and also the hunger for more than what i was entitled to, recieving small reminders that I have a dozen-plus novels and novellas published (these take the form of $40 – $50 royalty checks every so often, not a lot, but a nice little reminder that someone SOMEWHERE is reading my stuff), lost approximately 25 pounds (probably from leaving a desk job for one where I do a lot of walking/pacing), and am looking forward to having a delightful Halloween party for some old friends & new ones!

Recent writing accomplishments: next to nil. Revisited a series I began writing circa 2005 about a young woman who is transported to a dimension where she begins to turn into a dragon and is expected to lead a resistance against the powers that be; revisited my tale of a father haunted by the ghost of his murdered daughter – probably going to focus on this tale for a while; revisited “Lucky” about a girl who is lucky in all things but love; revisited “Friends Who Come Over for Dinner…and other tales of adults misbehaving appropriately”, a collection of naughty adventures starring a fearless young woman with an insatiable appetite for all things tasty; revisited a series of shorts about people who win the lottery but lose the quality of their lives in the process; revisited a tale about an enchanted cookbook and the woman/women it chooses. Also trying to get a start on a nerve-wracking horror novel, but it just won’t get off the ground: every start seems like a false start.

As for romance novels? I’m kicking around some ideas. There’s the story i keep picking up and putting down about the comic book artist inspired by – and infatuated with – a supermodel with mommy/insecurity issues. May work on it soon, i feel the timing may be right to light a real spark between these two characters. There are a variety of others, but since they were written with “M” in mind, I feel somewhat uncomfortable with stirring that pot right now. There’s a new romance brewing in my life at the moment, and this has inspired me. However, I think I should do a little more research *lewd grin* before I begin breathing life into that particular Gollum. Some of the things I write seem more authentic when i am experiencing them first hand…and since art reflects life, and one should write what one knows, well frankly I need to know more before running with scissors down the hallway of love/lust/infatuation/pheremones.

That being said: in the last several months, nothing published, nothing submitted for publication, nothing finished, nothing noteworthy started.

Ye Gods! Time to get cracking!


Amanda M. Holt
Amateur Author, Neophyte Nurse and Sometimes Productive Person

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