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……I’ve recently joined Kindle Direct Publishing and uploaded/published my contemporary romance Her Man (a 58K+ novel) about a software company CEO who meets an intriguing flight-phobic fellow passenger during a trip to see her ailing aunt…

The novel celebrates family love, examines loss and considers the hidden potential of all chance encounters…will Sara find love in Brian’s arms? Download my book for FREE from to find out!!!

I’m super excited about working with Kindle to bring my books to my readers!

Sincere regards and Happy Reading!

Amanda M. Holt

Full time nurse, part time author, aspiring Kindle Direct Publishing Rising Star!

Follow the link to my FREE book here: 

When the health of Sara’s beloved Aunt Caroline takes a turn for the worst, the CEO of a Silcon Valley graphics software firm finds herself on an airplane headed for Vancouver. A fellow passenger with a fear of flying and a quirky sense of humor manages to make the trip a little more enjoyable. At this very difficult time, Brian’s charm and witticism are a great comfort to Sara. They exchange phone numbers and empassioned glances… Sara finds herself intrigued. Brian has awakened something in her, something nameless and feminine and pleasantly distracting.

Will she meet up with this charming stranger again?

The beauty of British Columbia is the backdrop for this contemporary modern romance that cherishes family love, mourns loss and celebrates the hidden potential of all chance encounters…


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