A little about lil ‘ol me…education

Student Life:

From 1994 – 1997, I attended high school at Winnipegosis Collegiate Institute (Winnipegosis, Manitoba) where I excelled in certain course areas (read: English) and did poorly in others (read: University Entrance Mathematics).

After graduating from there with a respectible 84% average, I went to the Dauphin Regional Comprehensive Secondary School (Dauphin, Manitoba) for some upgrading (I wanted to study Computer Programming and Advertising Art [which was not available at WCI]), as I was interested in becoming a graphic artist. My love of comic books and appreciation for the evolution of video game design and computer graphics programming were largely to blame for this ambition.

In 2001, after a lengthy education in the real world, I attended the Computer Programmer/Analyst diploma program at Keewatin Community College (The Pas, Manitoba), where I graduated with a slew of A+ grades in first year courses, and some regrettable grades of C in the second year. What can I say? I lost interest in programming, loathed the idea of sitting in a cubicle somewhere hacking out lines of code as a career. I wanted to work with – and care for – people. Call me old fashioned, call me nurturing, call it what you will, but in 2003…

…I attended a Bachelor of Nursing program, and am just now completing it. There were many ups and downs along the way: many obstacles to overcome, several successes and failures, personal bests and personal worsts, but I am now finishing the course material for Year 4 of 4 in 2010, and look forward to the challenges and gratifying nature of the Nursing profession – in the near future!

I don’t intend for my post-secondary education to end there. There are some Nursing specialties that I want to look into. I also intend to take an Introduction to German at my earliest convenience. Time and sanity permitting, I would also love to take an Introduction to Literature or Creative Writing class.

With distance education technology being what it is in this day and age, the world is my – and YOUR! – oyster (what does that antiquated saying even mean? I don’t like the idea of eating oysters…I can only just tolerate escargot…but love sushi…anyway…). Suffice to say that what I mean is, the potential of distance education courses is almost limitless. Anyone with a decent Internet connection can now access courses from around the world, which I highly encourage for all school-ages (and older).

That in a nutshell is my soap-box speech on the wonders of distance education.

At the risk of sounding cliched, you are never too old to stop learning…You may forget things more quickly than you learn them, but learning is growing and isn’t it beautiful, to grow?

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  1. jgavinallan said,

    Due to personal tragedies, nurses are well respected by me. They are loved. If there are angels, nurses are in their legions.
    Your writing is superb and your choice of a profession is wonderful. I am certain you will have two successful titles—Nurse and Writer

    good luck Jaye

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