Updated my website…but only a lil.

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……I just spent about 3 hours fiddling around with register.com’s Do-It-Yourself website builder.

Sounds simple, right?

Well, it’s not.  Not by a long shot. The settings for the layout of the website design options are proving to be a real pain in the ass.  Either that, or i am simply not talented enough to excel at use of the software.

However, since this is a dollar project on a dime budget, I shall have to use this service until I’m on a triple digit budget and can hire a techy to do my damned website for me!

At least I have SOME sense of layout & design & programming/coding…

Yet…I can make no great promises as to what you can expect from a website designed & implemented by yours truly.

To see what I’ve done so far, visit www.amandamholt.com

I plan on posting some free stories (as file downloads, scroll-downs, etc) as well as contests for those uber-affordable Vistaprint mugs, mousepads, t-shirts, etc! So follow directions and enter my contests to get yourself some Amanda M. Holt swag when I announce the contest(s)!!!

Now that i’ve given up on website design for the evening, I intend to work on some manuscript revision — and maybe even some new stuff!!! *squee!!! New stuff is my favorite! Most frustrating but also most favorite!!!*

Sincere Regards & Happy Reading!

Amanda M. Holt

Amateur Authoress & Nurse with another 24+ hours off before returning to work!

p.s. – Reaper I – V and I and VI will be available at Kobo soon for the Kobo eReader!



  1. Paige Nolley said,

    Looks to be quite an improvement from what it was, though I’ll admit the text is a bit difficult to read. The colors are a bit close. Looking forward to the next installment of the Reaper series. 🙂

    • amandamholt said,

      Thanks, Paige! I appreciate the feedback! Trial and error, trial and error — and I’m no expert when it comes to layout and web design! lol On the budget of an indie author, with my limited expertise, hopefully fans will be merciful!

      • Paige Nolley said,

        You’re welcome! And I’m sure the rest of us will. Hell, I’m doing everything internet on an iPhone.

      • Paige Nolley said,

        I just emailed you a present to your hotmail address. I fiddled with the picture of you on your website because I was bored and had five minutes to kill. Hope it helps!

  2. Paige Nolley said,

    Hey guess what! I’ve nominated you for a Liebster Award! http://paigenolley.wordpress.com has the details.

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