Reaper VI: Lust uploaded just now!!!

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Cover art for Reaper IV


……..long time no hear, i know.

I was sick for a week, then i went to Saskatoon for a week, then travelled all over Manitoba for a week, now am back to work doing night shifts.

And TONIGHT, realizing that I haven’t put out any titles in a while, I opted to finish the edits on Reaper VI: Lust and upload it, rather than spend that time on apartment cleaning (the original plan for my down time between shifts! 🙂 ). Uploaded same to Kindle/Amazon, should be up within 24 hours or so. Will take longer to put on Smashwords, I have to re-format ALL the files.  However, the exclusivity arrangements between Amazon and i have all ended, so I can put Reaper I – VI on Smashwords as soon as I have/make time.

Thank you for your patience — I will try to put out Shades of Grey III and Reaper VII within the next few weeks.  No promises though: there may be some changes with my work schedule.

Sincere regards and happy reading!

Amanda M. Holt

Amateur Authoress, Full Time Nurse, Part Time Dreamer



  1. Jewels said,

    Hi Amanda,
    I love your Reaper Series! Congrats on your success! I just finished book 6 Lust. According to a notation in book 6, Book 7 the Soul Taker soon already be out but I can’t find it on Amazon. Has Book 7 been released? If not, when will it be? I am really looking forward to reading it and hope you finish this series!!! Too many authors begin a great series, develop a loyal following then just drop the series I hate that and usually don’t read anything else from those type of authors. Looking forward to reading more of the Reaper Series! Thanks, Jewels

    • amandamholt said,

      Hi Jewels!

      Thank you so much for your interest in (and support of) my work.

      Due to some changes in my real-life world (work, relationships, volunteer, travel, etc), my pursuits of the fictional took a back seat for several months. Seems as though a lot of people noticed! I certainly noticed… For NaNoWrimo month (November) I was working on a new novel, a fictional piece based on my personal account of a special friendship I had with a palliative patient in my care, partly as a means to let go of some grief, partly to see if I could write 50k in one month, partly because I felt i needed to tell this man’s amazing story — even if from a fictional vantage point!

      Anyway, I digress: Reaper fell by the wayside — trust me, she wasn’t too impressed about it, either. Days where i would nap after night shift, she’d come rushing into my bedroom, hovering right over my pillow, shrieking: “How DARE you leave me waiting! You OWE me better than this! You OWE your readers better than this! How DARE you hold me captive like this you, you procrastinating, lazy b!tch!!!”

      Then one day, the gentle prod in the butt I needed to get off my duff and do something about the situation: your WordPress post, actually, came to me in the middle of my night shift on my BlackBerry (a lot of things get forwarded to it).

      So really… In gratitude… Thank you, Jewel, for the delicious praise, but also the firm reminder that I’ve left you guys hanging for too long.

      Thank you for sticking it out, for sticking with me.

      Your patience and your curiosity about what happens next in the Reaper Series, for this I also thank you.

      Sincere regards & Happy reading!

      Amanda M. Holt
      Amateur Authoress Who Is Attempting To Grovel After Disappointing the Reaper’s Readers

    • amandamholt said,

      Hey Jewels!

      You might like to know that I have set up a FREE DOWNLOAD promotion at Amazon from February 20th thru Febraury 24th so that you can download Reaper VII: Soul Talker at no cost to you! Kindle platform for now, other platforms in 90 days’ time.

      Kindly let your friends & contacts (i.e. facebook, twitter) know about the five-day free promo! \

      Help me spread the word!

      The 61, 800 word novel is retailing at $0.99 USD otherwise.

      My sincere thanks, again, for your words of encouragement and the gentle reminder in January!


      • JEWELS said,

        HI Amanda, Thanks U sooo much 4 responding to my email and 4 the latest 411 on Book VII of the Reaper Series. No, I did not know about the free download, thanks 4 this treat! I am soo Excited about being able 2 read this installation. I will definitely spread the word! Again thanks 4 taking the time 2 respond esp since I no U r very busy with ur own Life 🙂 Take Care!

  2. JEWELS said,

    p.s. I just read the rest of ur response! IT’S Hilarious, no wonder ur such a good writer! I esp liked the part where Reaper comes and stands over your bed with not so gentle verbal prodding! UR not lazy, like the rest of us u’ve just got a lot of irons in life’s fire that u’re juggling! So no need 2 grovel U r forgiven and I 4 one will continue 2 remain loyal and await ur work with bated breath! 🙂

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