99 cent eBooks to attract readers….

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……I have reset the price of my eBooks ata Amazon.com to $0.99 USD.

This is so that my titles will be more marketable – maybe i can gain more a readership this way?

That is my hope.

It was a questions of smaller numbers of sales with larger royalties or larger numbers of sales with smaller royalties, and STILL trying to build up a readership for my Shades of Grey series of books.

Plus, at $0.99, I think it will attract a lot more readers willing to give me “Uknoan Author” a try.

Here’s to trying!

Sincere regards and Happy Reading!

Amanda M. Holt

Full time nurse, part time writer, unknown author….aspiring to become a household horror icon

p.s. – do a search on Amanada M Holt at Amazon.com Dec 25 & 26 to download my free ebooks! 5 titles available for $0.00!!!



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