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…….copy-pasted from my author page:


Amanda M. Holt

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Howdy! Let’s see… I was born in Revelstoke, British Columbia. Raised in Small Town, Manitoba (just kidding guys and girls back home: lil place called Waterhen, which has been flooding a lot in recent years…sad). I spent my adult life in different Manitoban locales: Dauphin, Ste. Rose du Lac, Ochre River, The Pas, and now – Thompson!

I’m the oldest daughter of an oldest daughter. I believe that guns don’t kill people: people kill people.

I also believe that, contrary to the behavior of the main character in my Shades of Grey Series, people with mental illness are not typically violent (read the statistics, it’s true…and besides, if you make it to Book 4 of Shades of Grey, you will be [spoiler alert] wondering if she is ill, or not ill, or…? What the-? I intend to keep you guessing! Until I leave you quivering and satisfied, that is!)

I’ve worked many JOBS over the years, but am now in a CAREER that I find very gratifying. That being said, as you would likely hear from any aspiring author, if there comes a day that my first love (writing) enables me to write from day thru night without having to worry about making the rent or putting groceries on the table (anotherwords, a steady writing income), then of course I would consider retirement from my “real world” career.

True loves…there have been a few. Followed by a few more. Recently ended a four-year fling with “M”, whom you will see me crediting as an inspiration even though we are no longer on speaking terms. Hey, when it was good, it was really good… And then there is “T”, truest friend a girl like me could hope for. Then there is Hurricane Mikey, who is a loyal friend and the perfect guy in every way, just not the right guy for me… Also a source of inspiration 🙂

My first and forever true love? Writing! And there is SO much that I want to write about! Working on about seven projects in regular intervals at the moment, plus some novellas and the six completed projects that are in revision/editing by yours truly…all of which will appear here on Smashwords, if they meet with their (Smashwords’) standards for quality that is.

At the time of writing this, I am childless (thank Heavens), single but optimistic about it (never married, but will probably marry a few times, as it seems very fashionable these days), with no pets and no houseplants. I have an extensive collection of Avon bubble bath. I’m certain it amuses my Avon gal…

I enjoy chocolate, chai tea with a lot of milk, and coffee dolled up the same way. Once a month I get an insatiable craving for dill pickles. I satisfy this with Old Dutch dill pickle chips, Bick’s garlic baby dills, and Heinz relish. Don’t know why I told you that…it says Personal Information above this text box, perhaps i was trying to give TMPI (too much personal information).

I have more journals than i know what to do with, but they seem to have a starring role in keeping me sane…if not for them, if not for reflecting on my goals and motives fairly regularly, I’m certain that I would have made some very poor choices in bedpartners, purchases, habits and careers.

My advice to anyone literate? Journal. Write down your thoughts, goals, aspirations and reflect on them at least once a month. If I am on a track, on a path, it seems to me as though journalling seems to keep me on it.

My advice to anyone who wants to write a book? If you can carry on a conversation during a coffee break and tell a well-spun tale or joke, you are entirely capable of writing a book…especially if you have some noteable life experiences to draw from. There’s inspiration for that book (or books) all around you. Don’t look: SEE!!! And don’t procrastinate: DO!!! (Now if I can just follow my own advice 🙂 ).

I’ve had 15 stories (novellas and full length novels) published at publishers other than Smashwords, but I don’t think that it’s in good taste to print the names of those companies here, where i’m supposed to be promoting Smashwords novels. Suffice to say, they are small publishing houses, not New York publishing house giants!

All that being said, i’ll update this if/when anything noteworthy happens in my life.

Sincere regards and happy reading!

Amanda M. Holt


Due to a distribution issue at a competitor of Smashwords, I have decided in fairness to both distributors to offer Shades of Grey: Prologue at $2.99 at both retailers. This will triple my donation to Child Find Manitoba – the $0.07 CAN pledge for the original $0.99 pricing will now be a $0.21 CAN donation per copy sold at either retailer, as the royalties are pretty much the same. Thank you for your patience, understanding and support of both my work and my chosen charity. Future works will feature donations to other charities near and dear to my heart.


Amanda M. Holt November 25, 2011


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Shades of Grey: Prologue
Ebook Price: $1.75 USD. 20840 words. Fiction by Amanda M. Holt on November 24, 2011
The world of a prominent Vancouver family is turned upside down when their teenaged daughter vanishes, leaving a cryptic note behind. A visit to the Missing Persons Division creates more questions about Crystal’s disappearance than it answers. When Eve – older sister of the runaway – begins to experience a familiar rage coursing through her veins, her sanity – and humanity – are put to the test.

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