30% OFF COUPON for Shades of Grey: Prologue eBook at Smashwords.com

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…….I am test-driving the promotional coupon feature of Smashwords.com, where I will be self-publishing many of my eBook series.

Below, please find the coupon code for a 30% discount on the first book in my Shades of Grey series (Shades of Grey: Prologue).

Depending on the performance of this coupon, I will likely release more $$$-saving offers!

If you know any RCMP members/police officers or Canadian Armed Forces or US military service personnel who would appreciate a free copy of Shades of Grey: Prologue, have them email me at amandamholt@hotmail.ca and I will forward them a coupon for 100% off at the checkout at Smashwords.com.

30% Coupon code:


Expires December 31, 2011

Use at the checkout for Shades of Grey: Prologue at www.smashwords.com

Sincere regards and happy reading!

Amanda M. Holt

Full time nurse, part time author, supporter of our troops and law enforcement!

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