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…………………..the membership fees for Romance Writers of America ($120 USD) are more than I expected, and as a student – and amateur authoress – at this time I do not feel that it is sensible for me to join this particular guild (if they would have me). Considering the $$$ I’ve spent on my website (which needs a great deal of improving) and other costs, if I subscribe to the RWA right now that’s approximately $160 less than I will have to spend on my sister’s wedding and my birthday this summer 🙂

So the RWA membership can wait until I am earning better $$$ in my chosen profession — that or make a bit of a profit from my current titles. It’s a matter of networking on a student budget 🙂 .

Thank goodness for the free blog at wordpress! (intentional plug)

But before you decide that I’m blogging “Blah Blah Blah Poor broke lil ol’ me” be assured that I am using logic – not self pity – to arrive at this conclusion.

So, Romance Writers of America – I will proposition you later!

Sincere regards,

Amanda M. Holt


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