To submit or not to submit, that is the question…

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To submit or not to submit, that is the question…
…no, I’m not talking about BDSM kink culture people, I am talking about the short interracial futuristic fantasy erotica piece that I have written about a tribal huntress in a jungle setting in a post-apocalyptic Earth era.

The novella follows the thoughts and actions of Ana – warrior, hunter, sister, daughter, friend, lover – as she encounters a golden haired stranger, the likes of which she has never seen before. Unknown to Ana, this stranger is a fertility scientist who sees her as a prime specimen for his work – a specimen he intends to collect.

My dilemma is this: should I submit it to New Concepts Publishing ( as a short story as it exists in its current length of 11,000 words, or should I continue writing this piece and not submit it until it is a more impressive 70,000 or 80,000 words? NCP has a Harmony line of eBooks specifically addressing interracial/multiracial romance and erotica.

I am trying to get the hang of writing shorter pieces (and writing them well) and would like to leave this novella as is to stand on its own merits with its current “What if-?” ending, making the reader wonder what will become of Ana as they learn of the predicament she is now in.

HOWEVER, the story would pack quite a punch if I were to develop it into a much longer work.

Perhaps a series is in order? A series of novellas that could be published as a collection down the line, if it was deemed of value to a/my/some publisher?

These are the sorts of decisions that have to be made along the way, as one decides how and when to end a story. Furthermore, how and when to continue it.

I am leaning toward shipping it off to NCP without any more deliberation…

…but if anyone out there in Internet-land has any opinion as to what an amateur authoress should do with what she considers to be a gem of a multiracial/interracial lust story, then comment away!

Until next time,

Sincere regards,

Amanda M. Holt
(Sometimes Authoress and Sometimes Decisive…Sometimes)



  1. J.R. LeMar said,

    I say, go ahead and submit it as a short story now. You’ll still be able to go back an expand it later on, if you want to, right?

    • amandamholt said,

      Quite right, J.R.

      I believe that THAT is what I am going to do.

      I really like it the way that it is, as a short, but when I have the time, energy, and enthusiasm – not to mention when the rights to the work are reverted back to me after the contract would expire in three years – I could/should/would expand it into a full-length novel.

      Thanks for your input!

      I appreciate it!

      Sincere regards,

      Amanda M. Holt

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