Literary blunders and other nonsense…

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…I recieved an email from my Devine Destinies editor Janet S telling me that the manuscript for my fantasy romance “Tomorrow, Part One” – while enjoyable – had some obvious flaws that are in need of adjustment. Some of the more amusing ones?

– I used the word “dark” to describe the hero’s eye color (and/or other physical features) 54 times in a 74 page document. Yes, that is a little excessive.

– In a typical rookie authoress move, I used modern phrases such as “wow” and “no way!” in a story set in medeival times (in an alternate Earth reality, but still, not with slang circa 2005).

– Quoting Janet here: “Was it a historical, fantasy, or a historical fantasy? If historical, they would have been condemned for their use of magic”. Yeah, so this story is intended to be a historical fantasy but not within the rigid boundaries of a well-researched historical novel, complete with dates, times, locations and historic events. I figured that writing it as taking place in a fantasy setting on an alternate Earth reality would save me the effort of having to invest a lot of research in this story… Since changing “Tomorrow” at this point would ruin the spirit and playful voice of the fantasy tale, I will leave the theme/genre as is, but as you can see, here is an easy mistake for a rookie to make: non-clarity of genre elements.

So now I have to go through my manuscript and see how many “dark mysterious eyes” or “dark hair” comments I can take out of the story without having the reader lose track of what my hero looks like.

Wish me luck, as I am still riding the literary learning curve…

…sincerest regards…

Amanda M. Holt


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  1. Desirea said,

    It’s too bad you didn’t have a writing program that counted the number of times a word is used….may be helpful?

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